What can Agile Fixer do for you?

Agile Fixer helps you build strong agile teams that make awesome software

  • build the capabilities within your teams that get the outcomes you need
  • change the relationship of tech & the rest of your business
  • find the processes & comms that work for you
  • even a short engagement can bring long-lasting change

The problem – writing good software is hard

  • project failure is commonplace (the industry stats are terrible)
  • failure is on multiple fronts – too slow, too expensive, poor quality, disappointing user outcomes
  • traditional command & control management doesn’t work for tech – they resist fiercely and cannot reliably commit to goals
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Is ‘Agile’ the solution?

  • there purports to be a better way out there called ‘Agile’ (or perhaps ‘Scrum’)
  • these methods are often obscure to the rest of the business, with bizarre jargon & odd rules
  • an Agile Practitioner can qualify in just two days – how do you know who to trust?
  • apparently ‘Agile’ teams are often still highly problematic
  • a drop-in Agile Coach will write you a nice-looking report, but rarely changes any fundamentals
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Agile Fixer can bring meaningful change

  • our proven track record ranges from tiny startups to international brands, including:
    • rewriting the most successful mobile app in history, Shazam
    • relaunching the back-end for some of the most popular online content in the UK, including iPlayer and Strictly
    • rescuing the backbone database of the British Film Institute
    • turning around the BBC Data Warehouse team
  • only people working together to a common vision can deliver meaningful results
    • we know how to align your tech teams internally and integrate them properly within the business
    • there are universal principles of success, yet every company/team/project is different. The art & the skill is balancing the two

How does Agile Fixer work?

  • initial assessment to understand your context and agree priorities
  • embed our expertise in your company to course-correct (a period of a couple of months upwards is typical)
  • handover to in-house people to maintain long-term progress
  • transfer to other business units to combat your Next Biggest Problem as appropriate
  • follow-up coaching as required

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