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Jon is a highly effective leader of software delivery projects. He’s extremely knowledgeable and passionate about his craft. He is bright, reflective and utterly persistent, and great fun to have around. He is relentless in keeping the focus on the right stuff, driving to get things done and honing ways of working. In short he …

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James H, Head of BBC ID

Jon has an incredible passion and drive to ensure project flow is understood and progressed. He was always an excellent debate partner in working to pull out the best ideas and solutions to our problems, and once identified could take them forward and execute at a rapid pace. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Jon and …

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Charles H, Shazam CTO

Jon is one of the best people I have worked with in 20 years. He applies his own intelligence to his vast knowledge of production methods and moulds that to fit the team he is working with. During his time at the FT he led the delivery of the GDPR consent workstream but also took …

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Simon C, Sr UX Designer

Jon is the single best project manager I have ever worked with. He came highly recommended by a member of our senior team, and exceeded all expectations. As CEO of a startup, I needed bright people I could trust to make good, fast decisions, and Jon was all that and more, helping me to build …

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Henry F, CEO & Founder

Jon is a true master of Agile. He has designed and executed a top notch delivery process that fits the needs of a large software organisation with dozens of teams working on numerous products, striking a perfect balance between providing guidance / adding value to the teams’ SDLC without cutting freedom or creating roadblocks. Jon …

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Harald M, Tech Director

Jon is absolutely amazing at what he does! I worked with Jon as Head of Delivery for CPA Global (Clarivate), and had the pleasure of receiving Agile mentoring and coaching from Jon on several occasions. Jon truly has a deep and impactful understanding of not only the methodologies, but the philosophy behind delivery methodologies. He …

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Marc T, Tech Director

Jon helped my team improve our processes and how we should work with our board for clarity and improving flow. We changed our way of working and had a good experience while doing so. Also, most of the changes actually stuck, which is really impressive. (One team member suggested Winds of Change by Scorpions as …

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Joakim S, Developer / Scrum Master

I worked with Jon while executing the commercial and technical integration of two newly-acquired products, also wearing a product management hat. Jon commenced his job as Head of Delivery at around the same time, and I was able to witness just how the delivery planning, processes, communication and function shot from zero to hero under …

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Doris S, Product Mgr

Jon is a Jedi Master when it comes to delivery and agile/scrum. He has an uncanny ability to absorb vast amounts of data, and articulate this to who ever his audience is… a great skill for a delivery manager/scrum master, who can not only establish high functioning teams but also coach budding Product Owners (like …

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David R, Product Owner

If you need a project done, or a process improved, then I can’t think of anyone else I’d rather have on the team than Jon. Jon joined my team at the start of the year and immediately set to work spotting the strengths and weaknesses of the project and providing excellent advice on how to …

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Peter H, Product Mgr

I worked with Jon Pokroy (Delivery lead) on the GDPR transformation programme. The moment Jon joined he made an impact. He quickly put things into shape, including cadence, ceremonies, stand ups and processes and structures and he did a superb job in ensuring lots of efficiencies were put in place at the same time. Jon …

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Pooja N, Head of Product

Jon is one of the finest Agile Coach/Project Manager I have worked with. He does see the true value in getting teams working together towards common objectives and delivering value to end users in small continuous increments and puts these into practise in the teams he works with. He has also been very good with …

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Nayana S, Tech Lead

What can I say about Jon “magician” Pokroy, he is possibly one of the most knowledgeable and insightful individuals I have ever worked with. He has the ability to work with teams and within a short period of time transform them into highly productive and efficient engines. Besides that, he cares about educating his teams …

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Luis V, Delivery Mgr

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Jon and learnt a lot from him. The successful delivery of our GDPR Consent workstream was one of the highlights of my FT career, but it wouldn’t have happened without Jon’s peerless project management skills. I’d relish the chance to work with him again and can’t recommend him highly enough.

Mark B, Director of Strategy

Jon is an excellent agile coach, within a few weeks he completely changed how our team worked and enabled us to be at our most efficient.

Aislinn M, Sr Product Mgr

Jon is a first class organiser. If you need to make a team out of a disparate bunch of people *and* have a coherent set of goals for them to achieve, Jon is the person you need to get in touch with.

Willem K, Senior Software Eng.

Jon has a wealth of knowledge on agile practices that he is happy to share with everyone. He is highly delivery focused and is always happy to nag people to complete actions, particularly the ones people don’t want to do. I have to thank him for keeping me honest on some tasks. He has very …

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Gwen S, Sr Test Mgr

I worked with Jon at the BBC on two separate projects full of complex technical and organizational challenges. In both cases Jon’s contribution to turning these into smooth running projects was invaluable. His knowledge of project, agile process and people management is excellent. I can thoroughly recommend Jon as an excellent project manager, mentor and …

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Neil C, Senior Architect

I had the good fortune to work both directly and indirectly with Jon over an extended period at the BBC. He joined the User Activity Team at a challenging time and very much hit the ground running adding value from day 1. Following this he worked on a number of other teams for the BBC …

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Andy M, Dev Manager

Jon is one of the best project managers I have worked with. He is incredibly passionate, efficient, focussed and driven to achieve the best results. He understands the team dynamics very well and gets on really well not only with the team but the stakeholders as well. He understands the project management methodologies in great …

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Nidhi J, Dev Lead

Jon and I worked closely together while we were working in BBC. I have always found Jon to be well organised and always ahead of the game. Genuinely enthusiastic, he is motivated and motivating to all members of the team – be they technical, management or client. Jon’s optimistic attitude is contagious and serves to …

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Aditi A, Dev Manager

Within a few days Jon can understand a company and a team, and provide great workflow optimisations that save the business both time and money. His personality is amazing; very analytical, always asking the right questions at the right time. His past experience as a teacher is a real plus, and makes him stand out …

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Fry F, Product Manager

Highly organised, very experienced and a rarely found deep understanding of Kanban and Agile methodologies. My kind of project manager! Highly respected by everyone at PingTune, massively improved processes & organisation during his time there. Caring of his colleagues and fun to be around (particularly if you like puns). I’d happily work with Jon again. …

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Rob B, CTO

It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Jon. He has a keen eye to identify opportunities for improvement and once he has his eyes set on such opportunities, he leaves no stone unturned until results have been achieved. He casts a meticulous eye over multiple projects and teams while fulfilling multiple roles. He …

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Pooja B, QA Manager

Jon is an extraordinary project manager. The minute he joined our team our productivity increased substantially. He knows when to stick to the official methodology, and when flexibility is needed. He is very aware of the importance of good intra-team communication, getting the appropriate level of detail in task definitions, and how to track projects …

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Carles A, Lead Front-end Dev

Jon is a highly gifted individual who is both bright and funny. After joining JustGo he quickly demonstrated his excellent organisational and coaching skills, and started to gradually improve our existing processes. Jon also has excellent communication skills and is very able at leading discussions and helping the team to reach agreement. Overall, working with …

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Jarek S, VP Engineering

I worked with Jon on a big project in our company, and after this experience I am sure Jon is the best project manager I have ever worked with. He integrated all the processes in a very short time, and he was able to find solutions for every issue that arose. He understood the industry …

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Feda M, International Development Manager

I worked on several high profile website projects with Jon (IT/R&D dept). He continuously impressed me with his abilities to oversee complex technology issues, extracting the core to-do’s and acting as a motivator for the whole team to get the job done. Also, he was often the person to ask the right questions up front …

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Emmanuel S, Head of Project Management

In the relatively short time that Jon has been at the BFI he has implemented significant positive change in processes and team working. He achieves an excellent balance between managing with attention to detail and at the same time allowing his reports the freedom to work out solutions to problems themselves. He has been a …

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Iain D, Dev Manager

While working with Jon I reported to him in a number of capacities. Firstly as my line manager and lead front-end developer, then also as a technical project manager. In either role, his technical knowledge, attention to detail and commitment to getting it done right were second to none. No sooner had I joined VNU …

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Adam H, Front-end Dev

Jon has great depth of Scrum knowledge and was able to offer us ideas to make the Agile process work better for us. He’s very positive and personable and I think he’ll be a great asset for any organisation requiring a Scrum leader or as a consultant for a business that needs to know more …

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Ian M, VP Marketing

Jon was an excellent department head. He allowed workers to get on with their tasks and only got involved if the route ahead needed clearing for you. He has a very easy going approach to management yet maintained control of all the projects. I would have no problem accepting contracts with Jon managing them in the …

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Mark G, Lead Developer

It was a pleasure working with Jon. He works excellently in both a development, and mentoring role. In a demanding multinational development team Jon’s ability to communicate, and disseminate knowledge and requirements was critical. He has a quick mind and can grasp how a platform works down to its roots.

Ross M, Software Architect