Nayana S, Tech Lead

Jon is one of the finest Agile Coach/Project Manager I have worked with. He does see the true value in getting teams working together towards common objectives and delivering value to end users in small continuous increments and puts these into practise in the teams he works with. He has also been very good with managing expectations of stakeholders keeping them in the loop of progress made by the team. He does ask a lot of questions helping tech leads and product owners shape a well thought through product. He is a jira wizard, I have never met anyone better. I did have a few projects with interesting challenges around co-located team and people with different skill sets and even though he didn’t directly get to work with this team, he guided me really well in getting this team setup and the project delivering value very early. I do see him as a very good agile coach. He is very comfortable to work with and fantastic at his job and would be an asset in any organisation.